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McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

Recipients of the 2016-17 MSB Faculty Awards

Research Awards

Cesare Fracassi - Assistant Professor, Finance; & Timothy Werner - Assistant Professor, BGS
CBA Foundations Research Excellence Award for Assistant Professors

Ethan Burris - Associate Professor, Management
Research Excellence Award for Associate Professors

John Hatfield - Associate Professor, Fianance; & James Scott - Associate Professor, IROM
Award for Research Excellence

Anant Balakrishnan - Professor, IROM
Career Award for Outstanding Research Contributions

Teaching Awards

Andrew Gershoff - Professor, Marketing
Joe D. Beasley Teaching Excellence Award

Terri Holbrook - Lecturer, Accounting; & Doug Morrice - Professor, IROM
Hank & Mary Harkins Foundation for Effective Teaching in Undergraduate Classes

Wen Wen - Assistant Professor, IROM; & Timothy Werner - Assistant Professor, BGS
Trammell/CBA Foundation Teaching Award for Assistant Professors

Xinying Hao - Marketing; & Chanseung Yoo - IROM
Fred Moore Assistant Instructor Award for Teaching Excellence

Janet Dukerich - Professor, Management
Fawn & Vijay Mahajan Teaching Award for Executive Education

Luis Martins - Professor, Management
Jim Nolan Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching

Ramesh Rao - Professor, Finance
Excellence in Education Award